CUBIX, The contemporary furnishing solution



Create and build your own modern furniture with the CUBIX patented assembly solution.

CUBIX is suitable for assembling all types of furniture.

Use CUBIX to build bookshelves, storage units, wardrobes, and more.

CUBIX is the ultimate modular solution to satisfy your furnishing needs and creativity.

Make your own furniture yourself, the CUBIX way!


Simple, quick, economical and only requiring a screwdriver, DIY has never been easier. CUBIX is a pack of 20 fasteners which enables you to make the furniture that reflects your style!

There are so many possibilities with one pack or more of CUBIX. Discover on this website numerous detailed plans for building no fewer than 14 different pieces of furniture, each with just one pack of 20 CUBIX fasteners.

A veritable furnishing solution, CUBIX enables you to make the made-to-measure furniture of your dreams that fits perfectly with your interior. What’s more, you’ll be making furniture that can’t be found anywhere else.

If you’re tired of standard furniture, choose CUBIX and let your creativity shine!


CUBIX comes in two sizes, for panels 18 mm thick or 16 mm thick.

CUBIX comprises 2 components: the fastener and a decorative cap to hide the screws. For each CUBIX fastener you will need 2 screws that are 3.5 x 25 mm.

CUBIX fasteners fit to the front and rear of a unit to hold the panels together. Stylish and discreet, they will give your furniture a very contemporary look.

CUBIX comes in different colours such as WHITE, GREY or TAUPE.


CUBIX MIX : Add a background to your furniture

Make room for your creativity by adding colour, relief and design to your creations. You will be able to position this base quickly and easily, just as with the Cubix, a simple screwdriver and suitable screws are enough.

Cubix evolves its offer by offering complementary pieces that add a background to your furniture.

Simple and economical, CUBIX MIX will allow you to build unique, custom-made furniture in no time!

Thanks to Cubix Mix, the possibilities of creating a practical piece of furniture adapted to your needs and your environment are multiplied.

Salon_01 web


 The product is available for 18mm thick shelves.

It consists of 2 parts: a connector part and a cover for a perfect aesthetics (making the screws invisible).

You have two options :

-> If you choose to position your fund indoors

schéma montage intérieur sup 5mm web

NB: You can position a half-bottom to block only part of the bottom of your furniture, for even more decoration and design solutions!

-> If you choose to position your fund outside

schéma montage extérieur inf 5mm web

CUBIX MIX is available in different colours such as WHITE, GREY or TAUPE.


"With CUBIX, I can design my own furniture! It’s THE solution for stylish and discreet fastening"